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 BeTrader company offers its clients an independent trading through the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange member Migdal Capital Markets


 BeTrader customers enjoy benefits and unique conditions  As a fruitful cooperation between the bodies over a decade.



Tel Aviv stock exchange

Trading through an Israeli stock exchange member - Migdal Capital Markets


BeTrader company offers its clients independent trading on stock exchanges in Israel and overseas by a member of one of the largest stock exchange in the country - Migdal Capital Markets and particularly attractive terms

Today, trading through a stock exchange member who is not a bank is a great alternative to independent trading through the bank usually charges the customer high trading commissions and related fees, such as fees and commissions maintaining a minimum

BeTrader Company offers its clients independent trading through Migdal Capital Markets fees discounted and no fees related such as fees preservation, minimum commission and the commission for not execution fees, trading through trading software advanced, Meeting Trade centers staffed missions professional at all times of the trade and personal customer service, professional and timely


What is an independent trading?


Previously independent trading on the stock exchange was only for the rich, and delayed trading systems through the bank fees were particularly high

Today, anyone can be an independent trader through a stock exchange trading capital market in Israel and overseas trading stocks, ETFs, bonds, treasury bills and options Derivatives Market. Buying and selling discounted fees through advanced trading systems in real time. Today, the independent traders pass their orders online. Operations are carried out through a stock exchange member whose role is to mediate between the merchant and the Stock Exchange. Other stock exchange members who have joined the market other than banks are members of the exchange are not a bank - usually big insurance companies, they offer excellent trading commissions and work with advanced systems and recent

Many investors have started to manage their own money through independent trading on the stock exchange in the country and in the USA. Overseas Trading opens a window to a variety of financial options may not be available in the country. The decision making process while trading is a process that is all yours, what crowned with a challenge and interesting that satisfaction side is great. Portfolio managers are under the forms of investment planned and predetermined and independent trading through a stock exchange allows creativity and place of spontaneity. Sometimes randomly happen to suddenly options which embody in profit a lot and do not constitute an investment channel known in advance so you can also run in real time, fully independent and take quick decisions. The financial instruments of today allow shopkeepers, trade not only in Israel, but all over the world and at home. In addition, independent trading allows traders to operate even in a low, since even these situations, you can  generate profits


The web as the main arena trade


Independent trading on the stock exchange is done through the Internet trading software stock exchange member on your PC at home or anywhere in the world using a password and user name as well as it is possible to trade directly from the smartphone using advanced trading application

Through BeTrader can be traded almost every possible financial instrument such as stocks, ETFs, options, indices, commodities and forex

Our company offers personal training and courses variety of topics related to the stock exchange in the country  and abroad

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