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Israel Interactive Trading is a partner in various projects since its establishment in the area of Algo Trade and accompanied by different companies in their automated trading

We provide consulting services to developers and companies operating in the field of automated trading (Algo trade) in the areas of regulation, technology and development


Automated trading in recent years attracted many software developers with unique strategies cost a significant advantage over traditional trading


The development and management of dozens of Algo systems, we have the experience and ability to help and to respond to any demand or need to help you develop your algorithmic trading system

You can get the service through an automated system for managing and developing commercial robot, and use the wizard of the system

You can also get construction planning service operation and maintenance of a system by a team of professional programmers are

along side with Program and trading


Cerberus Trading Solutions LTD has extensive experience in the automated trading industry.

Our team has tested knowledge in every aspect related in automated trading: design, development, execution, infrastructure, risk management and legal advice.
We have 15 years of development experience, including 5 years in automated systems development.
Our goal is to assist traders to maximize their strategies' potential using our experience both on the business side and on the development side.
Since we understand the importance of confidentiality, all information which is disclosed to our team is protected under a Non-

Disclosure Agreement, signed by our attorney at law.

You can get help conecting your investment account through a broker or directly API to get the storage of your trading system by our servers.

In addition, we are able to provide you with the systems a test environment that  has yet inked to the real trading market


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, need or problem that you have in your trading robot biulding process