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Comprehensive Reporting

:Easy to view and customize, our statements and reports cover all aspects of your Interactive Brokers account

  • Generate daily, monthly and yearly secure online Activity Statements as HTML files with expandable and collapsible sections, or as downloadable PDF files
  • Create reusable and customized statements that include only the information that you want to see
  • View real-time trade confirmations, margin details, and a variety of other supplemental reports
  • Download statements into a variety of different file formats, including XML, text and a variety of third-party software such as Quicken or MS Excel

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 Portfolio Analyst


Analyze the performance of your portfolio online by creating and saving customizable presentation-ready PDF reports in PortfolioAnalyst

  • Create and save reports based on a set of measurement criteria and optionally compare the data to selected industry benchmarks.
  • Select one or more reports in your analysis, including allocation by sector or asset class, time period or cumulative performance, risk measures, and more.
  • Use the Performance Attribution report to explain differences between your portfolio and the S&P 500 Index due to asset allocation and/or return deviations from the index.
  • Create single-page snapshot PDF reports suitable for presentation.

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