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In Bwise hedge fund operates primarily in the American capital market, stock and currency pairs

The Fund is managed by the Locator algorithm trading opportunities in the short and medium time ranges


Fund Structure

Limited Partnership, as general partner investment manager, and investors are the owners of the units in the Fund

The fund takes advantage of opportunities and trade distortions being correlated currencies and stocks included mainly the S & P 500

And ETFs

It takes a decision on market directions, using advanced computer systems and available positions

Investment Strategy

Long or short accordingly

The main objective of the Fund is to hit the stock indexes and gain excess return them

Also a rising market and the market goes down


The goal of investment strategy

Fund assets are invested primarily in securities and currencies highly tradable lot

The high liquidity allows quickly change the Portfolio by market conditions and reduces the risk


Costs and success fees and management fees

The Fund's current expenses (CPA, loyal, human resources, IT and others) fall on the shoulders of the General Partner

Fund investors do not bear these costs. In addition, investors in the fund benefit from very low trading costs

In addition, investors are exempt from fund management fees

(The general partner in the fund receives a success fee of 35% of profits each month (calculated quarterly


Method of calculating the success fee High water mark

Success fees are calculated on profits only by the "high water line"

This calculation method guarantees success commission will be paid only on the basis of new performance relative to the peak of the investment account, and the recovery after poor performance

In other words, if the expense of losing money in a certain period, he must first regain the losses only after success fees will be paid to the fund manager (general partner), the calculation is done each time from the previous peak reached by the investment portfolio


Responsible management

Limited leverage and exposures are managed and responsible preset while out risk management

The possibility of withdrawing money once a month Contrary to the hedge fund industry - which is able to withdraw money only once every three months or more


Current Information for investors

Fund investors receive monthly bank statement - detailing the investment portfolio, portfolio value and what is the share of each investor in the fund separately

These data are sent by the General Partner after  were calculated and verified by the auditors of the Fund

In addition, each investor can contact the Investment Manager telephone conversation or meeting frontally and receive a weekly update on the status of the investment fund

The meetings are made by appointment and only after hours trading


Trust mechanisms

The Foundation's funds are deposited in a trust account

All financial attraction operation is performed only by the trustee, and the general partner has the right to withdrawal of fund

Partnership agreement, construction, preliminary tax approval and legal support - Law Offices of Herzog Fox & Neeman


Who can invest in the Fund

Investment fund open to private investors, companies and foreign investors

₪The minimum investment amount is 100,000 



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