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Israel Interactive Trading company started in 2005 we are marketing financial products, trading market and matching the product individual

with Stock Exchange members the best in the country and abroad

We are one of the oldest and the biggest trading company in Israel

Israel Interactive Trading

 Israel Interactive Trading markets, Interactive Brokers and more


Israel Interactive Trading had establish our reliability, our professionally and our innovation. Those value are the foundation of all our products in the company. We living in a world that stock markets had become digital, faster and with no place to compromise, therefore in Israel Interactive Trading you can trade in an attractive commission and with no extra commissions attached in any place at any time, with the assistance of our  technology you can catch up after all the challenges in the capital markets


We invite you to invest in yourself, to join our client community and enjoy from an experience that you had yet to reveal. Come and enjoy from one of a kind of good and professional service that Israel Interactive Trading offers you. In between 11:00 am to the end of market trading in the U.S.A


Be part of our wide range of clients , includes privet costumer and business costumer


Our products

  • Independent trade in the U.S.A and the in any world stock markets
  • Independent trade in Israel
  • Invest in Algo trade
  • Hedge fund and Mutual fund
  • Close assistance to Algo companies