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Join regulations trading room and the services provided on the site:

Using the services provided on this site are dependent on the consent of all the following:
1. "Site" - a company between Trader Ltd) "the Company" (which is a lot of information and professional, are
As for technical analysis, both for signaling and services regarding Internet trading room.
2. "User" - any person and / or organization that contacts the site and / or the Company and / or their representatives and / or
Uses information contained in the Site and / or receiving e-mail and / or text messages from the company.
3. "The service provided on the site" - guidance services and information provided through the service and signal analysis.
Company's rights
4. All rights, including copyright, trade secrets, ownership rights and intellectual property content
Else in connection with the information contained in the Site are owned by the Company and the user will not have any right of any kind
He was content.
5. The user declares that he is aware that the information and / or content is made available for personal use, for the purposes of
Training and study only.
6. The user undertakes not to do and not to allow to the information and / or modify and / or distort and / or action
Likely to jeopardize the information, willingness and reliability and / or name of the company as the copyright in it.
7. The user undertakes not to transfer to any third party, for or without consideration, the content and / or
Any part of it, not make public any part, product and / or output of content, whether printed as text,
As a graph or the report, and provided as a file on magnetic media or in any other way.
In addition, the user agrees that not reproduce, photocopy, not copies, not broadcast or print any such information
Above, from the content or any part of it for distribution or publication in any way.
Limited Liability Company
8. The service and the information that can be on the company website, does not constitute a recommendation for trading in securities, does not amount to
Investment advice and does not constitute individual investment advice alternative to a custom which user needs.
9. The Company is not a licensed corporation consulting / investment marketing or portfolio management. The company or on its behalf
May hold securities or financial instruments in which will deal with the information in the database.

10. The user hereby declare, acknowledges that although the agency's representatives are working, as far as possible, to ensure the

Providing services on an ongoing basis and valid, and the accuracy of the content on the Site, may be flaws and / or error
And / or inaccuracy of the content and / or communication to the user and the user's responsibility to carry out an independent examination
Further, including by professionals, before use of the information and content by the user.
11. User represents and warrants that any use you make of the information and / or content is the sole responsibility and that
Knowing that the company or its representatives shall not be liable for any damage and / or loss, whether direct or indirect, caused
User and / or any third party with respect to use the subscription service on-site.
12. User solely liable for any use he makes and / or do the service. None of the above
These regulations as a statement of the company or on its behalf, the service offered by them, answering the needs of
User and / or that the service or content and information suitable for any purpose of the goals of the user.
13 of the company or its representatives are not responsible for the availability and / or correctness of the information, content, form and accuracy of the data,
The communication fault or the planning of information, loss, loss or damage, direct or indirect, consequential or other
Incurred and / or caused to the user and / or any third party, and certainly does not guarantee results and success.
14. The Company uses security measures that match the industry standard Internet. Although
Stated, there is a risk of penetration in a database site, the information or its content. As such, the company
Who SHALL NOT be responsible for any damage caused to the user Following such access, including changes
Information provided by the user, the transfer of information about him or information provided by the user to any third party
As a result of such penetration.
51. The company emphasizes: Operations in securities and financial assets requires special expertise and professionalism.
The content offered on the Site does not constitute an opinion, recommendation, an offer to purchase, holding or sale of securities
Or value of any financial assets.
16. No content on this site constitutes investment advice and is not a substitute for independent judgment of the user,
And the provision of advice by a certified investment that takes into account the special needs of the user. Each user
Acting upon the contents solely responsible for their conduct.
Payments Service
17. For the use of the company's services, the user will not be charged a monthly fee) the "payment (
18. User undertakes that he will not have any claims and / or lawsuits against the company or on its behalf, as to cease
The right to use the services listed on the site. General provisions
19. The Company may use the data provided by the user as part of the registration site, and all information
Collected about the user's usage patterns on the site, in the following cases:
A. In order to improve the service, the information and content on the site issued.
B. To notify the user of various goods and services of interest to the user
And issued by the company or on its behalf and / or by third parties. In this case, the company will
May bring to the attention of the user via:
• The user's residence address or other address
• The e-mail address provided by the user;
• The message on the user's voice and / or text message the user's mobile device;
• The If the user wishes to stop receiving any information from the company and who its behalf, may apply to all
The company's management at the time the e-mail [email protected], and now
Remove from mailing list;
• The company will utilize the information provided by the user as required by
And including the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law - 1981. The Company reserves the
Right to change and update this policy of privacy.
21. User expressly acknowledges and agrees that the letters of thanks and / or evaluation which will send the user site, if
By e-mail or otherwise, will be published) as it may now do so willingly (,
Submitted to the place and manner, at its discretion and choice of the company.
21. It is hereby agreed that the law applicable to the contract between the user and the company is the only Israeli law,
And exclusive jurisdiction and exclusive when it comes to the engagement between the user and the company and any resulting
Thereof, shall be the competent courts in the Tel Aviv.
I have read the conditions above, and agree to and acknowledge that I will act in accordance with them.