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Inter-IL trade study

Whether you are a trader makes his first steps in the capital market trading or a veteran trader, Israel Interactive Trading offers you a variety of courses and workshops for trade in the financial markets.
Academic and personal support workshops are held with senior analyst, in small groups or one on one school.
We give you all the tools and knowledge that you need to make the capital market correctly and consistently.
Select the appropriate route for you:

• Portfolio Management Course: Designed for traders who start their way in the capital market. The course will learn how to analyze a graph (Technical), which economic posts and how they affect the market, using oscillators, how to select stocks for investment and how to manage risk ratio chance of a deal.
The course includes real-time trading with end merchant will receive all the information and tools necessary to invest in the stock market independently.


• Course Day Trading the shares: Day-Trader: For traders with experience and background in trading on the capital market. The course will learn how to trade short intervals according to unique strategies and trading of two hours a day.
In addition we will learn how to deal, how to trade issues and the use of oscillators.
The course includes access to real-time trading and live practice with adjacent analyst.



• Full track daily trading on the stock exchange: capital market designed for beginners who want to make a living from trading for a living or extra income. The course Combines the Portfolio Management Course and Day Trading Course and features a live practice and close monitoring of analyst during and after the course.