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Israel Interactive Trading company supports traders who are interested in developing their strategies for automated or semi-automated.
Accompaniment of Israel Interactive Trading taking it through all stages of development to finished product.

The process is protected confidentiality agreement as well as the finished product is the exclusive property of the client.


1. Submission of an application - complete an application process of building an automated / semi-automatic


2. The approval of confidentiality - Make sure that you get confirmation forms confidentiality for our company and development company.


3. General characteristics - have downloaded the general characterization form. The form must be filled and sent to email: [email protected]


4. Quote - bid is general and is designed to evaluate the cost of development.


5. Characterization lower resolution - a meeting with a representative Israel Interactive Trading frontal and development company representative

    in order to qualify as accurately as possible the system.


6. The system design and development - the development stages are accompanied in close contact with the customer until fully customizable as possible.


7. Pilot - an experimental version to use to make sure that the customer is satisfied, as well as bug check system.


8. The final release.