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collective2 allows you to coose from a big data base of trading systems and connect them automatically with your own acoount trading

Step 1 - find a system


Use the search tool systems

Start with a search system with really friendly and easy software that allows you to choose them according to the criteria you specify


Search system allows you to identify the system according to the criteria of the leading trading and distribution industries such as stocks, options, contracts etc. and this with a user friendly interface


Step 2: Check the system information

Once you've found a system that interests you select it and enter to see details such as past performance, open trades and other details.







How the system functioned, month after month?



chart system to axis time and its performance compared to the index

















test performance history, transaction after transection
















Step 3: Register

After you've examined the system and you made a decision that the system is suitable to the nature of your personal investment management, you are probably ready to sign up. "Registry" is like a very simple operation as Register a newspaper, a gym or your Internet Service Provider

Subscribing is very simple. But just as important unsubscribing equally simple.



Step 4: Run the automated trading account

Set Trading Account

First you will have to provide account information to set up the automated trading. Run the automated trading to automatically place trades in your trading account. No need for any operation or downloading software onto your computer.
Set us the great transactions you want

You can set the size you want of transactions to your account. Our advice: You can always increase over time as you get more confidence transactions  system.
You-and only you - dominates and determines how big the transactions of the system.

That's it! Now you can already see new transactions at your broker account automatically, as soon as the next transaction takes place.



Step 5: automated trading ... or "interrupted"

True, all the beauty of trade is to let the system  do all the work. But that does not mean you're out of control.

Collective2 allows you to stay connected and stay in control of your money. View transactions in real time as soon as they occur. Check your open trades, profit and loss in real time, on this site.




View all your open transaction through the system easy view window.

Get profit and loss report calculated according to the same second for all systems that you use.


profit and loss report on this website are provided at the click of a button.

You can take control of the system at any given time. For example, if a transaction profit and you want to close it in just click the button then Do it.



"so where do I start?"

OK, when you get a decision that suits you manage your investments using automated trading system, let's get started.

First Look for a system that would interest you. To start a search Use System Tools